What data is transmitted on the platform ?

Access to your account, applications and exam data is only done through a secure access using your personal login credentials (Two-factor authentification).

Two types of data are collected on the platform:
  1. Personal data useful for the operation of your account, its security and the invoicing of purchases (surname, first name, email, IP address, etc.)
  2. Demographic data related to patients and exams, useful for correcting and transforming scores for exams

What health data is recorded and how is it protected on the platform ?

These data concern, for example, the patient's age, gender, raw scores obtained in a test. When cross-checked, these data constitute health data because they provide (indirectly) indications on the health status of patients.

As required by French and European laws on data protection, this data is stored at a certified health data host
(PSIH Group - see legal notice)

The data is stored entirely in France at a sovereign host that has obtained "Health Data Host" and "ISO 27001" certifications (issued by the public authorities), in order to guarantee the highest level of security, in accordance with the CNIL, the RGPD and the French and European legislation.

In addition, you can simply and at any time permanently erase your patient data from the platform.

Neuralix Editions policy on the use of data

Neuralix Editions undertakes to make no commercial use of the data recorded on its platform and not to transfer them to a third party for commercial purposes.

The recorded data may be subject to statistical processing by Neuralix Editions only in order to improve its services and the user experience.

"Informatique et libertés" law

In accordance with article 34 of the act "Loi Informatique et Libertés", you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. Contact Neuralix Editions support (menu "My account / contact support" when you are logged in) to exercise this right
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