Who are we ?

Advances in digital technologies have led to an evolution of conceptual and methodological frameworks in many areas, and particularly with regard to evaluation and management of patients in medicine.

Neuralix Editions supports the transition of healthcare and research to these new technologies by digitizing existing tools or developing new projects in the form of web applications (accessible from your Web browser).

NLX EDS We make it a priority to develop high quality applications with strong scientific validation. In addition, we believe that the user is as important as the tool to ensure patients quality of care. This is why we reserve access to our applications for professionals with theoretical and practical training in the fields concerned (cognitive assessments, psychomotricity etc.).

How do we work ?

In the digital world and the university/hospital environment at the same time, we only develop projects identified as essential for actors in the field like clinicians and researchers who take care of patients everydays and with whom we collaborate.

Our expertise concerns both digital programming and the management of research projects. We engage with our collaborators from the design of the projects, the development, the scientific validation, and the legal framework up to the delivery of the product to the public.

All our applications follow the same process:
  1. Conceptual development with collaborators (researchers-clinicians)
  2. Technical development by Neuralix Editions
  3. Validation and standardization of tools during hospital/university research protocols with the support of Neuralix Editions
  4. Distribution by Neuralix Editions

A project to tell us about ?

Whether it is for an application to be implemented on our platform or another project unrelated to the Neuralix platform, do not hesitate to let us know. We will be happy to discuss it with you.
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