What is the required equipment to use the apps ?

Good news : if you have come this far, you already have the necessary equipment to use our apps. No installation is required and no data is saved on your computer / tablet. Working has never been easier !

NLX EDS Our products are "web apps", which means that they are programs that can be used online directly from your internet browser. You only need a computer(or a digital tablet) connected to the internet.

However, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser to ensure optimal display of applications. Also, the JavaScript language must be enabled in your browser (JavaScript is enabled by default in browsers).

Finally, for some applications, a minimum screen size is required. This is the case when visual material must be presented to patients in a standardized way (e.g. all patients must have the same image of the same size presented). if necessary, small screens such as smartphones or certain digital tablets are not suitable. In any case a screen calibration will be performed when you launch the application to check the validity of your equipment.

Can we use the apps offline ?

NLX EDS No, you must be connected to the internet everytime you use the platform. The applications you access are hosted on our server (cloud) and the communication between the server and your computer / tablet is constantly necessary.

Should we always use the same computer (or digital tablet) ?

No, that is the advantage of having online applications ! All data is saved on our server (cloud) and you can access it anytime and from any workstation. Your work tools will be always available.
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