Prices - NP-MOT

App license 3 months 6 months 12 months
NPMOT - NLX Classic
(2 new exam./day)
48 €
(16 €/month)
90 €
(15 €/month)
168 €
(14 €/month)
NPMOT - NLX Premium
(6 new exam./day)
132 €
(44 €/month)
246 €
(41 €/month)
456 €
(38 €/month)
NPMOT - NLX Unit selling : 8.33 €
(1 examen réalisable dans les 24h à partir de l'activation de la licence)
NLX The prices are indicated excluding taxes (VAT excluded). Final prices (including VAT) are calculated at the time of purchase and depend on the VAT applied by the buyer's country of residence.
NLX A limitation is defined by the type of license (Classic, Premium, XL) and only concerns the creation of new exams. You can go back to the exams created the previous days as many times as you want without any limitation as long as you have a valid license.

Available payment methods :
online payments by credit card, bank transfers, administrative mandates.

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Need to test before you start ? By creating your account on the Neuralix platform for the 1st time and having it certified, you will receive a 15-days free trial for each of the available applications.

How does access to applications work?

NLX EDS can create more new exams per day. Finally, whether you have a Classic or Premium license, you can come back on an exam previously created (edit / continue) as many times as you want.

When your license expires, you can still print or export in .pdf/.csv the exams previously created. However, you can no longer edit / continue or create new ones.

Create new exams Continue / Edit existing exams Print / Export results
Valid license NLX
(Number limited by the type of license)
No valid license NLX

PSeveral users on the same license ?

NLX The Neuralix platform offers the possibility of sharing your account between several sub-users in order to facilitate work within the same structure (department, unit, etc.). Thus, the sub-users of the account share the patients and the examinations, but also the licenses of the account.
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